Eat Smart Restaurant




Are you in Amman- Jordan, and thinking of a healthy place to fulfill your sugar cravings or even burgers?! Eat Smart should be your next stop!

Eat Smart is a healthy food restaurant franchise from the Middle East located in Kuwait, Oman and soon opening in Doha. It caters a wide range of meals to fit people’s nutritional needs.

Eat smart Amman is located in Sweifiyeh, 13 Djla Commercial Center, Paris St.

Once you enter the place it gives you a beautiful healthy vibe. It’s very cozy and colorful brings a huge smile on your face.


Their vision

 “ Eat smart is about customers experience and the promise of phenomenal tasting of food made with freshly harvested ingredients.

 We aspire to transform food industry into a healthy, transparent and sustainably and socially responsible business. “

With the help of the amazing Nadine who advised me to start with a very delicious Halloumi salad with a seasoned vinegar dressing.


As for the main course we ordered a delightful caramelized beef burger wrapped with lettuce and of course on the irresistible potato fries cooked in a very healthy way on the side.


As for the dessert we ordered the yummiest lotus cake ever that had 25g of protein, 10g of carbs, 3g of fats giving a total of 280 calories.


Finally for the drinks, we had a cold and refreshing drink that’s called Vitamin C. It contained orange, pineapple and mango.


Moreover, what caught my eye as well is that you don’t need to sit and order if you were in a hurry. They have a grab and go fridge! Where you can earthier pick you breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink or even dessert to just grab and go.


Furthermore, they sell exquisite healthy spreads to add into your fridge: Toffee Crunch, Chocolate Peanut and salted caramel.


All in all, one visit is never enough there is great variety of food for everyone to try. In the end I’d like to share a quote that caught my eye in their menu that we all should consider it as a key to a healthy living

To eat is a necessity, but to eat smart is an art

Done & Written by Sarah Allouh





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