School Lunch Box

I will admit that I am very happy to be very close to the new school year and I am sure that many mothers are happy being back to the routine after a long summer vacation and the return of early sleep schedules. But I always like to be prepared so I’ve been working on getting new and real ideas for the children’s school lunch boxes. I say real in the sense of delicious meals loved by children and easy to prepare and healthy at the same time. Having these three elements together is not easy, and let’s make it fun and ask any teenager in the house to help or prepare their own meals under your supervision and help them with new ideas. I read in a blog that to make any easy, fast and good meal for kids, you need to:

  • look for food that kids like and love to eat
  • look for food needs short time to be prepared
  • most of the successful meal must have Protein, Carbs, Fruits and Vegetable
  • A good idea to do with the picky ones, is to give some food choices  earlier to choose from, so he’ll be emotionally ready when it’s time to eat
  • Investing in a good lunch box is not a bad idea at all, choose the once that has separations to make it easy to organize the food

Now I’m gonna share with you some lovely ideas from blogs I follow all the time

Let me start with one from our arab world, I follow her from a long time and love her amazing ideas

Sawsan shared lots of amazing ideas about how to prepare an easy and  colorful methods for kids lunch boxes she uses with her daughter, such as using fun details to put a smile on the kid face. You only need to press on the link below to go to her website.


The clinical dietitian, liliane Zaher, mentioned on her Instagram some posts about examples for school lunch boxes with featuring it’s benefit for the students, you can follow her on the link

Lillian English

If you check the website of the working mother Lauren who makes sure to give her kids healthy food, you’ll find plenty of new ideas she gives to her kids. I loved the idea of using tiny wooden sticks to make mini sandwiches using the brown bread, lettuce, turkey and cheese cubes, she put clementines, potato chips, carrots and ranch sauce. If i server this one to my daughter Zeina,  the lunch box will come back home empty 🙂


The website has more than 100 different ideas you choose from for kids school lunch boxes, don’t miss it!


Not only, Lilluna added her amazing collection of examples for super healthy lunch boxes, you can also find printable stickers you can hide in your child lunch box

A very good blog that have lots of ideas and recipes for the 8 allergens, like: dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy and fish.


Another  blog for kids with allergies, it wasn’t enough to put different examples and ideas but also ideas of keeping veggies and fruits fresh for longer time. In the picture she used heart shape cuter to cut the center of the apple, added some jam and brush it with lemon to keep it fresh till its time to be eaten.

The Kitchn, is one of my favorite blogs that includes a variety of options for everyone, not only this also lots of kinds of lunch boxes and where to get them from.


This blog is for the people who the Paleo, its like yellow pages for them.


A blog for diabetes food and tips only, you’ll find ideas for the food that can help of keeping glucose stable in the kids body .


And still more and more to find on the internet, you can just pick what is suitable for you and your child. I wish to share this post with friends and family.

Wish you all a happy and healthy day.




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